Our Mission

We love great coffee and cafes. We provide expert guidance to cafes and brands looking to find the best coffee and equipment the industry has to offer. 

Empowering cafes, franchises and brands to become destinations known for exceptional quality, that customer love to share and come back to.

We provide you with all the tools to succeed while leaving you in control. We believe in mutual growth.

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Our team

Caleb Holstein

Caleb is the founder of Coffee Curators and the Curator himself.

With a wealth of industry expertise built from the experience of setting up and running cafes & roasteries he has a unique skill set that is built to assist people in there coffee journey from first time start ups all the way to established brands looking to take control of there coffee offering.

Spending his informative years owing and running cafes with his brothers & sister Caleb become well versed with the challenges small business owners face & how Coffee partners can become more then a supplier but an asset in their success. 

It wasn't long before he was no longer roasting in house for his cafes and was now working and roasting for a range of brands across Australia.

It was with this diverse set of skills that he has built what is Coffee Curators today a company built to provide it clients with access to the products and support needed for them to succeed!

"My goal is to be able to help passionate people create, brand and grow their coffee"

Caleb H

Bora Jin

Bora has been with Coffee Curators from the very beginning filling every room with her passionate bubbly nature.​

With over 8 years of Hospitality experience Bora worked in some of Sydney's biggest Cafes she has built up a knowledge an understanding of what it takes to succeed be it in workflow and layout to the design and look that matches perfectly.

With her years of experience as a Barista she loves being able to pass on her knowledge and advice assisting people in the process of setting up their coffee and equipment.

Her passion for people and coffee shines through with her kind supportive nature she loves the opportunity to work closely with passionate people from all parts of the coffee industry.

"I love dogs! & seeing passionate people succeed it is the best!"