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Through our network and expertise we are able to get the best deals


What we do


We work with you to understand your needs and budget & then recommend several options that would fit your outlined needs


We work with a wide range of importers and can arrange to put bundles of equipment together to assist you in obtaining the best rates.


Whether it is technical difficulties after installing the machine or just a simple how-to utilize your equipment to improve the quality of your coffee, we are here to provide support.

Why we do it

Setting up a cafe is hard & expensive, we know! 
Having set up & assisted many cafes in this process we understand the challenges and pitfalls in souring coffee equipment. 

With a lot of conflicting information out there about what brand or what size you need to get, we work to provide you with a selection of options to best fit your needs and budget. 


How we do it

We work with the widest range of coffee equipment manufacturers to provide our clients with equipment with the exact features and price point that fits their business & budget. 

By working with not just one or two brands, we never push our clients towards a product that is not correct for their needs. 

Finance options



Buy outright without financing.



Partner with one of our finance providers to rent your equipment to own. 


Unsure of owning a piece of equipment? 

 Simply rent the equipment as long as you need.

How can we help you?

Recommended Bundles






Popular Add-Ons

With Coffee Curators, you can build any setup or add individual items to your equipment package. We also assist you building the perfect bundle for your needs.  

Mahlkonig EK43.
  • 95mm Flat Blades
  • Step-less grind setting full control grind setting
  • Ability to rotate coffee with ease
From $26/wk with Counting Beans Capital or $54/wk with Silverchef
PuQ Press.jpg
PuQ Press
PuQ Press Automatic Coffee Tamper Q2
  • Consistent tamping every time
  • Improve efficiency 
  • Variable tamp pressure control
From $10/wk with Counting Beans Capital or $25/wk with Silverchef
Niche Grinder.png
Niche Grinder
Niche Zero Grinder
  • Direct grind pathway
  • 63mm conical burrs
  • Compact Size
From $7/wk with Counting Beans Capital or $15/wk with Silverchef