Get Customers Excited by Introducing Guest Coffees to your Menu.

You may or may not have heard of a little thing called Guest Coffee.

In fact, you have probably encountered it without knowing!

Have you ever walked into a cafe only to find a display of coffees from a variety of roasters, or had a bubbly barista introduce you to their ‘new special coffee’ with bouts of enthusiasm? If so, you have most likely been exposed to Guest Coffee.

I like to explain Guest Coffee to people by likening it to your kitchen’s Specials Board. You have new and exciting dishes that you want to showcase, new techniques, or new products from suppliers that aren’t offered in your day-to-day menu. Guest Coffee is exactly this, but for your coffee menu. You feature n

ew and exciting coffees from a range of amazing coffee roasters, potentially serving them differently to how you would traditionally serve coffee.

I often hear coffee professionals and industry experts talking about their desire to increase the quality of coffee that consumers have access to. This in turn helps consumers understand the value of these high-quality, more ethical and sustainable coffees.

It sounds straightforward doesn’t it? We want consumers to have access to coffees that not only taste better, but are sourced ethically and sustainably. However, I believe we as an industry are still struggling to achieve this, and it all boils down to our scattered approach.

If we are to encourage consumers to appreciate higher quality, more sustainable coffees, we ought to work together as an industry to widen their exposure. Traditionally this has been tackled by individual roasters and companies alone, and although this is amazing to see, it’s inefficient. So much more could be achieved through a stronger, more united strategy.

Through every aspect of my life and career I don’t look to just point out problems. Instead I work towards finding helpful solutions and creating pathways for improvement.

It’s with this mentality that we at Coffee Curators have created the Curators Guest Coffee Project.

The Curators Guest Coffee Project has been built with the goal of providing more cafes with access to amazing coffees through a curated network of diverse coffee roasters in one simple place.

The project provides cafes with the opportunity to expand their coffee offerings at a low entry point, giving them access to amazing coffees along with the tools and support from our team to assist them in serving and communicating these new coffees to their customers.

It’s been proven that when a cafe provides new and exciting products or insights to their customers, they quickly become more strongly intertwined with their community, improving their reputation and sales as a direct result.

This also has amazing benefits for the Guest Coffee roaster, as it gives them the ability to access a network of engaged and excited cafes that are looking to showcase products in a more structured and sustainable way, rather than individually reaching out to cafes monthly, weekly, or fortnightly.

I wholeheartedly believe that if we work together we can help provide cafes with the products and skills to grow general consumers’ coffee expectations. This in turn will result in an increased demand for, and understanding of, high-quality, ethically sourced coffees across the whole market.

“All Boats Rise With The Tide”

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