What is a destination cafe?

For all the cafe owners or aspiring cafes owners out there this blog is an insight into the 3 key factors I have learned through my career as a cafe owner, consultant, and coffee supplier around turning your existing shop or even creating your cafe from the outset to be the cornerstone of your community and becoming the go-to destination for locals or the must-see spot for people traveling to the area.

All cafe owners set out to build a strong community and reputation as the go-to place in the area to provide amazing coffee and food.

This sounds like an easy thing though I have seen many cafe owners fall into the same traps when starting I even with hindsight see where I have fallen into these previously. With a conscious and consistent approach to these 3 key areas, your are sure to be on the road to success


It is important to build a strong culture between your staff and your customers. We should cherish the fact they have decided to come to our venue and spend their hard-earned money and time to do so and we should work to make sure their every experience is a positive and memorable one. This can be as simple as working to remember customer’s names and orders or even building stronger relationships. This not only makes your customers excited to come back but also helps to keep positive morale amongst staff who are then excited to see their regulars.

The culture of a Cafe is there whether you are conscious of it or not and customers and staff alike all add to this so the owners or managers need to be the people setting the standards around how staff communicate to customers & interact with customers and even internally to staff.


It is crucial to have products and suppliers that match you and your community’s needs be it the flavor or the ethics of them. It sounds simple but some suppliers will be major contributors to the success of your business if their products and support are not consistent or reliable that can directly affect your image and reputation with your customers and community. If your milk delivery is short or your coffee is not consistent this can be extremely harmful. So be very conscious when deciding who your suppliers are going to be and the benefits of working with them.


I cannot stress enough how important your communication is to the longevity and continual growth of your cafe! You work so hard to have amazing venues and products but no matter how good they are it is integral in this competitive market to be ankle to communicate consistently and constantly to your current and potential customers.

This is why social media is so crucial to building and maintaining a constant place in the minds of your customers.

I know all the challenges of being a cafe owner and the time pressures that come with it but there are many ways to be able to manage and run your cafe’s social media channels be it in-house or even outsourcing.

It can be as simple as posting once or twice a week with an update on a new special or an exciting new single-origin you have on offer but it is important to be present on your social media. If social media isn’t for you you can even engage with your manager or staff member who is interested in it and give them the ability to post and interact with your community through your pages.

Another key location for communication is Google if you don’t have a business page on google it is simple to set up and helps new customers finding you and knowing the basic information about your cafes like your trading hours or your menu options and is priceless in helping new customers find their way to you.

I know that owning and running your cafe comes with a load of hidden work that takes its toll but I have seen and wholeheartedly believe that with a conscious and active management of these 3 key things in your cafe you will quickly become the go-to cafe that your community cannot wait to share with their friends or tourists get excited to visit. This is the epitome of being a destination cafe.

If you are having any troubles with your cafe or want any advice I am always happy to help out and please do not hesitate to reach out and we can arrange to have a chat or even a coffee.

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